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Monthly Email Leads for Recurring Customers

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As part of our service to you we are including some qualified email leads from our own lead generation sites on a regular basis. We operate over 20 lead generation sites that generate both email and phone leads which we will provide to you free as a EZCapper customer. Please note that this is a partial list as we generate more leads than this. We will update this folder from time to time and notify you by email.

Previously you obtained the leads from a link however due to security issues we require you to setup a free account on Dropbox to obtain our free leads.

To setup an account and get your leads:

1. Please visit https://www.dropbox.com/ and at the very top click on the download. You will need to signup for the 2GB free account.

2. Once you have signed up let us know the email address you signed up under and we will share the leads with you.

3. After we do this the leads will automatically be put into a dropbox folder right to your desktop! Everytime we update leads you will see them in that folder. You don’t need to contact us or do anything and we add new leads each month.

Please note that we don’t guarantee the response rate as they are sent to you as a complimentary service, so please don’t email us complaining about them:-) That will depend on your email delivery software and a lot of other factors. Our clients have had good success with our leads.

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December 9th, 2013 at 12:23 am

EZCapper is now producing Videos for your Website

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How does a Youtube video help me and my business?

– Everybody already knows that to properly advertise a business a website is truly necessary. What everybody doesn’t know is that a good Youtube video will not only give perspective customers a visual representation of the products and services that your company can offer. A Youtube video creates a new level of understanding. Think of it as a commercial for your website.

Does a Youtube channel cost money?

– A Youtube Channel is COMPLETELY FREE! When you setup a new google email account the same login carries over to your Youtube Channel.

Can a Youtube video increase my online Visibility?

– ABSOLUTELY!! As everybody knows Google is the leading search engine on the web. What you may not know is Google purchased Youtube back in 2006. Once you upload a video on Youtube it will be indexed separately from your existing website. When perspective clients use key words to search for a business such as yours not only will your website appear in the google search so will your Youtube video. A Youtube video can literally DOUBLE the online exposure your business receives.

Why is it important to have a Youtube video?

– Websites generally contain pictures, text, and sometimes graphics. When adding a Youtube video it will give prospective customers an additional layer of understanding of your products and services that your competitors
may not have. Did you ever ask somebody if they read a particular book and they responded by saying “I saw the movie”. People like video and with busy time schedules very often people won’t spend the time looking through an entire website.

How can I implement my Youtube video?

– A Youtube video can easily be embedded in your existing website. You can also add the Youtube video link to your emails. Youtube videos can be used to offer special deals and promotions directly into the video.

What are the costs associated with creating a Youtube video?

– EZCapper has affordable options to video creation. Since business requirements can be extremely different from industry to industry we will create the most cost effective solution along with professional advice to give you what you need. EZCapper offers an unlimited amount of options when creating a video. Typical prices start around $499.

How do I get started?

– Contact us at sales@ezcapper.com or call us at 1-888-256-3096.   One of our video production technicians will be more than happy to have a conference with you and help guide you in creating a new Youtube video for your business.



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April 22nd, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Get your website for free by working with our Sponsor Beaned.com

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We are offering an incredible one-time limited offer with our sponsor to become a Beaned.com affiliate.  Become an affiliate with Beaned and we will provide you with the best Revenue Sharing / CPA deal in the industry along with a $25 Free TRADE!

1.  Signup as an affiliate with our sponsor – Beaned.com  :  Becoming an affiliate is by invitation only and you are invited.  Contact us to get setup.

For those of you who are not familar with affiliate marketing check out this video:


2.  We provide top notch support– Once you signup as an affiliate we provide:

1.  Provide customized media including banners, rich media, landing pages and more!
2.  Dedicated account manager support by email, skype and phone 24-7.  
3.  Real time reporting of signups and deposits.

If you wish to take advantage of this amazing offer please contact me and we can negotiate .  


Sign up as a Beaned.com affiliate yourself and get a $25 Free Trade.

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November 8th, 2012 at 8:29 pm

Get 100 New Registered Users

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At EZCapper we are committed to our clients success.  During the month of August we’ve launched a number of marketing initiatives for our clients that have generated each of them at minimum 100 new registered users.  If you are interested in increasing your business, we can prepare a campaign for you.  Our consultant will advise you on and execute for you strategies that will generate hundreds of new signups.

To take advantage of this offer, send us an email to sales@ezcapper.com and let us know a phone number we can reach you on.  Our consultant will go over the various strategies to get these 100 new registered users.

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August 31st, 2011 at 4:32 am

SMS/Text Messaging / Voice Broadcast Service – Telemarketing / Predictive Dialer Launch

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We are launching 3 new services:

  1. Telemarketing / Predictive Dialer –  This service allows you to talk to prospects all day long.  We load a list of telephone numbers into the software and if there is a voice mail, a pre-recorded message will be left on the machine.  If a person picks up the call, it can either be transferred to you instantaneously for conversion OR a pre-recorded message can be played to that person.   This is called a predictive dialer and it is the technology used by all the telemarketing call centers to increase call connect efficiencies.
  2. Text Message / SMS Broadcast –  We can take your lists or input our lists (higher cost) and send out bulk text messages.  Each connect will cost 7.5 cents if you give us your numbers and 15 cents if you want to use our leads.  This pricing is in effect for EZCapper customers only, for non-EZCapper customers the price is 25% higher which will be 9.4 cents per message and 18.75 cents per message.  Minimum order quantity is 500.  Orders that are less than $100 are subject to a $50 campaign setup cost.
  3. Voice Broadcast –  We can broadcast your pre-recorded messages to phone numbers that you provide us or that we rent to you.  .  Prices range from 5c per minute.

Detailed reports are provided to you to verify the results.   This way you get what you pay for.

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April 28th, 2011 at 5:27 pm

VIP Email Program

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Our VIP email newsletter service is an invitation-only service that can generate plenty of new registered users for your service.  Conversion of those customers, of course, is dependent upon your picks results and your pricing.  Our responsibility is to generate new registrants for your service.  Our VIP plan provides HUGE discounts over our retail prices for customers that are willing to commit to a regular schedule of emails on a monthly subscription basis.  For EZCapper customers (that host their website with us) the cost is $499 per month and for non-customers it is $699 per month and payment is setup by Paypal Subscription.   This pricing is at least 75% discounted from our regular prices if you were to use our coop email service at retail prices and on-demand, click here to see our regular prices.

Our leads come from our leads business.  Our leads come from our own network of free tips sites that act as lead generation sites and our leads business that are graded according to grades A,B and C

Please read the details of our regular coop newsletter as a reference:


Here are the particulars of the program:

  • Each Coop newsletter will contain a maximum of 4 cappers, usually less.
  • Positions within the newsletter are rotated in each delivery.  You cannot request for a particular position placement within the newsletter.
  • Coop Email newsletters sent every Tuesday and Friday (midnite-1 am) to no less than 15,000 Grade A leads.
  • Once every 2 weeks a coop email newsletter sent to no less than 40,000 Grade B/C leads.
  • Exclusive Single Capper newsletter sent to GRADE A list depending upon end of month available email capacity (we purchase email capacity in advance that may go unused close to the end of period)
  • $499 per month for EZCapper customers that have a website with us and $699 for non-customers via a monthly Paypal subscription.
  • May be canceled anytime.


Click on the links below to get


Joining the program entitles you to receive our lesson plan that shows you how to make money from this business.  We walk you through the entire process from drafting the email, setting the promotions to how to convert leads into paying customers.  We use desktop sharing and voice to ensure you understand the conversion process so you can make a lot of money.

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December 11th, 2010 at 7:44 pm

Protected: Keeping Prospects Engaged During the Trial – Lesson3

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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December 6th, 2010 at 9:24 pm

How can I make money operating 2 or more handicapping sites?

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How to change the Tracked Records Duration

Despite what some handicappers claim (I’ve seen them all), nobody wins all the time week in and out. It simply does not happen and never will. Now the problem that many inexperienced cappers fret over is that if they can’t win every week how are they going to make money and stop customers from leaving?

Why would I need 2 or more sites?

Simply put you cannot get new customers when your most recent results (ie. 5, 10 or 30 days) are not above roughly 58%.  For example, say you engage a customer in a 5 day free trial, the results during those 5 days need to be better than 58% otherwise you’ll not see a lot of conversions.   Now if you have only 1 site then the probability of this happening is decent.  However if you have 2 sites (assuming that your picks are not the exact same) this probability should be even higher.

It’s the same theory as flipping coins.  If you have only one set of 10 coins and put them all into a cup and dropped them on the floor, the probability of getting 6 heads or more is a set percentage (~40% of the time).  But the more times you repeated this, the the higher the probability you would get 6 heads or more on any one roll, correct?  It’s just simple math.  A professional marketer would only promote only the instances where  6 heads or more during the coin flip.  As a sports handicapper you would promote only those instances where your results are positive.  The coin rolls correspond to the trial periods.  The more trial periods and sites that are available the higher the probability you would get a good result during any period.

The secrets of the trade are this:

  1. Make different picks on one site than another. Don’t use the same picks on both sites.   Make sure the picks are not correlated either.  It’s unlikely that both sites will turn out bad results.
  2. Stagger the marketing periods if possible. If you are doing a free trial for 1 site during the first week of the month, switch to the other site for the 2nd week. This way you’ll always have something successful to market. The key is ‘successful’, you need to have a trial or recent results that are good. Those customers will convert to paying customers.
  3. When you go on a bad streak don’t worry about it. Just hold off for a short period on marketing it until the tracking period on your site expires and is reset to zero. You can try again.

Other Key points of operating 2 or more sites

  1. Make sure that it’s not the same person operating the two sites otherwise it defeats the purposes.  The sites should have different picks, different strategies of making picks, different everything.  The whole point of having two sites or more is to create an entirely different personna.  This includes the sport type, the frequency of the picks, design style, the about us, pricing plans, the telephone number everything!
  2. Use different marketing strategies for each site.  If you are using email to acquire customers for one, try posting on forums for the other.  The key to success is to vary the strategies and find out which one works best.  By having multiple sites you get to do that.
  3. Track different periods.  If you’re tracking the last 30 days for one site try 7 days for the 2nd site.  See what works the best and make sure the strategy is conducive to your availability and business model.

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November 30th, 2010 at 12:24 am

Phone numbers convey TRUST – Add a phone number FREE using Google Voice

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We always advise clients to put a phone number on their sites.  Having a phone number right in the header where the image is located shows that you can be reached and conveys trust.  (We can add your phone number to the header image for $10)

We understand that not everybody wants to put their home or mobile numbers so they can be bothered 24 hours per day, therefore we recommend Google Voice. This allows you to receive text messages, transcribe voice mail to email and many other cool functions.  Best of all it’s free!


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November 24th, 2010 at 10:11 pm

Setting up a Paypal Recurring Subscription for your Access Plans

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If you are using Paypal we recommend that you take advantage of setting up recurring subscription payment plans for your customers.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. Recurring payments allow you and your customers to save time from monthly billing.
  2. Recurring subscriptions can be easily canceled by both the customer or the merchant from the Paypal Profile page.
  3. They typically generate more revenue for the merchant than a one-time payment.

Offering a slightly lower price as an incentive to attract customers to setup a subscription billing is a smart way to go.  For example if you normally offer a one month package for $100, consider offering a subscription based option for $90 for the same package.  This $10 incentive will attract customers.  Make sure you let the customer know that the subscription can be easily canceled by both the customer or by the merchant upon request.  This will provide your customers peace of mind that they won’t get charged indefinitely.

Below is a video on how to implement and setup your paypal button for subscription billing:

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October 4th, 2010 at 12:23 am