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How can I make money operating 2 or more handicapping sites?

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How to change the Tracked Records Duration

Despite what some handicappers claim (I’ve seen them all), nobody wins all the time week in and out. It simply does not happen and never will. Now the problem that many inexperienced cappers fret over is that if they can’t win every week how are they going to make money and stop customers from leaving?

Why would I need 2 or more sites?

Simply put you cannot get new customers when your most recent results (ie. 5, 10 or 30 days) are not above roughly 58%.  For example, say you engage a customer in a 5 day free trial, the results during those 5 days need to be better than 58% otherwise you’ll not see a lot of conversions.   Now if you have only 1 site then the probability of this happening is decent.  However if you have 2 sites (assuming that your picks are not the exact same) this probability should be even higher.

It’s the same theory as flipping coins.  If you have only one set of 10 coins and put them all into a cup and dropped them on the floor, the probability of getting 6 heads or more is a set percentage (~40% of the time).  But the more times you repeated this, the the higher the probability you would get 6 heads or more on any one roll, correct?  It’s just simple math.  A professional marketer would only promote only the instances where  6 heads or more during the coin flip.  As a sports handicapper you would promote only those instances where your results are positive.  The coin rolls correspond to the trial periods.  The more trial periods and sites that are available the higher the probability you would get a good result during any period.

The secrets of the trade are this:

  1. Make different picks on one site than another. Don’t use the same picks on both sites.   Make sure the picks are not correlated either.  It’s unlikely that both sites will turn out bad results.
  2. Stagger the marketing periods if possible. If you are doing a free trial for 1 site during the first week of the month, switch to the other site for the 2nd week. This way you’ll always have something successful to market. The key is ‘successful’, you need to have a trial or recent results that are good. Those customers will convert to paying customers.
  3. When you go on a bad streak don’t worry about it. Just hold off for a short period on marketing it until the tracking period on your site expires and is reset to zero. You can try again.

Other Key points of operating 2 or more sites

  1. Make sure that it’s not the same person operating the two sites otherwise it defeats the purposes.  The sites should have different picks, different strategies of making picks, different everything.  The whole point of having two sites or more is to create an entirely different personna.  This includes the sport type, the frequency of the picks, design style, the about us, pricing plans, the telephone number everything!
  2. Use different marketing strategies for each site.  If you are using email to acquire customers for one, try posting on forums for the other.  The key to success is to vary the strategies and find out which one works best.  By having multiple sites you get to do that.
  3. Track different periods.  If you’re tracking the last 30 days for one site try 7 days for the 2nd site.  See what works the best and make sure the strategy is conducive to your availability and business model.

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November 30th, 2010 at 12:24 am

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