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Protected: Reference – PPC Keywords

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July 30th, 2010 at 2:49 am

PPC Keywords – Top Affiliate Marketer

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In this area I’m going to post the list of keywords that key affiliates are using to promote on Google Adwords.  If you wish to use these keywords for SEO or for bidding on keywords please feel free to do so:

Click here to get the keywords. (use the password ‘ppc’ to access the keywords)

Note:  A handy tool for formatting keywords in comma separated format is located at http://optimisation.asia/

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July 26th, 2010 at 1:41 am

Instant Messaging Add-on

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We’re finding out that more and more people are using instant messaging (a.k.a.  IM)  as their preferred method of contact.  After implementing IM on our EZCapper site http://www.ezcapper.com/contactUs.asp we’ve gotten new clients with little effort.   There are many instant messaging tools available on the internet for free.  Once you have the code for the chatbox please advise us and we’ll implement it on your site.

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July 26th, 2010 at 1:00 am

Best Email Service Providers for EZCapper Clients.

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We are very experienced with various Email service providers and here’s what we’ve found to be the best among the best.

SportsEmailServer – This is the best service partly because we operate it :-).  Seriously we created this service for serious email marketers in the SPORTS industry.  Most of our clients cannot signup with conventional services due to the nature of their content, secondly they cannot get attractive rates.  This service allows emails to be sent at up to 95% off the regular delivery rates of competitors, provides for full service and most importantly allows you to become your own email service provider running your own servers.  This allows you to charge others.  For details take a look at the website SportsEmailServer  and our blog post.

YMLPYour Mailing List Provider is the best service for our clients since it is the easiest to use and affordable.  They offer a free account and their costs are very reasonable.  The nicest thing is the reporting which is excellent.  Get 15% off any of their packages by using this code 57FW2F  and signing up here

Mail Chimp – Mail Chimp is a bit more expensive than YMLP and more expensive than Savicom but it offers up to 3000 emails per month for free which is higher than the other accounts.  This is great for low volume deliveries.  Don’t bother trying to setup 10 different accounts so you can get 30,000 emails.  They’ve already figured out a way to stop this!

We recommend choosing from the above  3 services depending upon your communications style.


Savicom.net – This company steals emails from their customers and has constant issues with deliverability.  Highly not recommended.

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July 25th, 2010 at 4:59 pm

Free Monitoring Services for EZCapper Clients

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Did you know that by becoming an EZCapper client you get 4 months Pro Account free on HandicappersWatchdog.com, 3 months free monitoring on TrackPicks.com and 2 months on ProSportsMonitor.com?  This value alone is worth hundreds in free advertising!

For those who are new to the game, monitoring is important since it provides an independent verification of your picks.  It is also a great way to get additional exposure for your site as many potential clients visit monitoring sites to find out who’s hot and who’s not.  Think of monitors as watchdogs in the industry of handicapping.

To get your free monitoring, once your website is completed contact Trackpicks at administration@trackpicks.com and ProSportsMonitor at info@prosportsmonitor.com and let them know about your new website.  Contact info@handicapperswatchdog.com for  your free Pro Account.  Amateur cappers get free monitoring on HandicappersWatchdog.

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July 25th, 2010 at 4:14 pm

Press Release Services now offered by EZCapper

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EZCapper is announcing the launch of our Press Release writing and delivery services.  We will write with your assistance and deliver the press release up to the following (each plan has a different set of offerings):

* Distribution to PR Newswire’s network of 5,000+ websites, databases and online services, including Yahoo News, Reuters, Marketwatch, MSNBC, AOL, Forbes, and Bizjournals.
* Distribution to PR Newswire’s network of targeted industry trade publications.
* Distribution for story access to PR Newswire’s pool of 85,000+ media only journalists.
* Distribution to Newswire’s database of US Newspapers (6500+)
* Distribution to Newswire’s database of Magazines relative to your industry (3500+)
* Distribution to search engines including Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL and more.
* Distribution to popular newswires including EIN News, Inbox Robot, Google News, News Blaze, Earth Times, Financial Wire, Consumer News, Times of the Internet, Topix, RedTram, and more.
* Distribution to 40 premium news partner websites.
* Distribution to the 24-7 Newswire Network (600+ industry channel websites)
* Distribution to opt-in journalists subscribers.
* Distribution through RSS and JavaScript feeds.
* Include your press release in up to 12 industry categories.
* Include SEO anchor text links and formatting in your press release.
* Include SEO tags/keywords linking back to your website.
* Next day distribution option (if submitted before 5pm PST, 8pm EST).
* Access to statistics to measure your campaign.
* Receive a PR Newswire Watch report with links to your press release posted on between 50 to 100 websites.
* Include a video up to 3 minutes in length.
* Attach up to 7 files, logos or images (jpg, gif, bmp, pdf, xls, txt, doc)
* Social media tool bar.
* News shared on Press Release Twitter.
* Priority position for Feature Press Release on Pressrelease.com front page.
* Highest placement available on various websites.
* Press release review and optimization
* Permanent inclusion in a searchable database.

The price for our packages are

  1. Gold Package – $699 for the above package including writing assistance
  2. Silver Package – $399 for a scaled down version of the above package which focuses on magazines.
  3. Bronze Package – $299 for a SEO (search engine optimization) optimized release.

The advantages of releasing a press release are obvious:

  1. Increased backlinks to your website resulting in better SEO (search engine optimization)
  2. Coverage by thousands of online and offline media sources
  3. Potential to lead to immediate customer conversions.
  4. Residual effect of your site being listed in a database that will likely remain for a long time.

The keys to preparing a proper press release are:

  1. Concise and well written in proper format to be picked up by a media source (eg. magazine)
  2. Coherent  and factual
  3. Newsworthiness

EZCapper will work with you to prepare a press release for the upcoming NFL season. Below are a few samples of some press releases I’ve founded released by various handicappers.  All of them are not properly produced but each release has some good points.  For us to prepare a press release for you, please provide us with the following:

  • Headline that is newsworthy
  • Quotation
  • About us

We’ll do the rest.  Refer to the samples below, see if you can spot out which ones are well and badly written (click on the images twice).  We highly recommend for serious cappers that a new press release is done once per quarter or once per newsworthy event to get maximum exposure.

Why don’t I use my own PR service and write my own copy?

Most cappers do not write press releases with SEO in mind.  Our core business is internet marketing and we know how to structure a press release in order to maximize its effectiveness.  As we are experts in the capping industry, we know what topics are considered newsworthy and what topics are deleted by the editor.  Our job is to save you time and money unlike other services on the internet that simply take your money, write a quickie press release and get you no results!  It is extremely important for the writer to know the industry, the timing of the release and how to present the information.  At EZCapper we help our clients succeed in meeting all the necessary requirements.

Sample PR Releases by Handicappers

Click on the images below twice to see in detail what other sports handicappers have released.  Also click on this link to see an example of a press release produced by EZCapper for our client.

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July 23rd, 2010 at 7:38 pm

Hosting your own Images and using the HTML Editor

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I get a lot of questions asking how to add an image to the body content.  The first thing you must know is that to do this you must access the html editor.  You access it by clicking on the HTML button (click on the image below).  In the html code you must link the image you want to where you are hosting it.  There are plenty of places which do free image hosting.  A quick search on Google shows the following services that host images for free:

  • http://imageshack.us/
  • http://tinypic.com/

Step 1. Once you upload your image to these services you will obtain a URL where you will use in your HTML code.  Once you reference this image in the html code via your html editor, your body text will show the image.

There are two options to get this image into your page:

Basic Users:  Use the Image Editor

  • Step 2 – Select the Insert Image button and paste the url from Step 1 into the Image URL box.   The other two boxes are optional.  After inserting it, save the page and the image should show.

Adding a link

  • If you want to add a hyperlink to the image simply select the image link button and it copy and paste the URL (e.g. http://www.google.com) to the page you want to link to.

Advanced users: Use the HTML Editor

  • Step 2. Take the url of the image and insert it into the HTML Code.  If you don’t know HTML you can browse the net for more details.  It’s very easy to use and many programs like Microsoft Word will automatically convert it for you. For a very basic primer refer to:  http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Guide/

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July 23rd, 2010 at 7:11 pm

3 Great Email List Tools for FREE

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For those cappers that deal with large email opt-in lists and want to organize them here are a list of great tools:

  1. List Subtractor – http://www.seo4experts.com/view/subtract_a_from_b.php
  2. Duplicate Email remover – http://www.seo4experts.com/view/duplicate_remover.php
  3. Email Extractor – http://www.seo4experts.com/view/email_extractor.php

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July 19th, 2010 at 8:10 pm

Protected: Designing Your Banner Ads Creative and Text Campaigns

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July 14th, 2010 at 6:41 pm

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Updating Picks and Advertising Your Picks Effectively to Existing Users and Prospects

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Updating Picks and Making Picks

The general rule of thumb for updating the picks on the sites is to have at least 6 months of past history.  Make sure you follow these general rules:

  • Don’t be a jack of all trades.  Nobody believes in a capper who can pick all the sports, focus on being good at one or two sports and make that clear that you are an expert in those sports.  Anybody who claims they are a jack of all trades is most likely to be perceived as a liar.
  • Make picks regularly to match the value of the site.  What people hate the most is to pay a relatively high price for somebody who makes only 1 pick a week.  Customers don’t see the value in that.   Most customers also can’t perceive that a low number of picks may equate to a higher quality.  Try to appeal to the common customer’s mindset.
  • Detailed Game Writeups:  A lot of cappers just say “Yankees will win” or something totally lacking in detail.  If you are going to make a pick make sure you add enough detail so you sound somewhat intelligent.  Nobody likes a capper who appears to be a psychic who looks to the stars for his inspiration.  In general customers trust cappers that have a rationale mind.  Use statistics, injury reports, trends as a basis for your write-ups rather than strange stuff that may not make sense.

How to Advertise your Picks

  1. Make Weekly reports: Do a simple weekly summary that summarizes your past weeks’ picks and include the past month and past 6 months’ statistics.  Make sure you include not only the winning % but the # of units you are up for those periods.  Make sure that weekly summary includes a direct URL link to the website and also the About Us page.  Backlinks on forums are a great form on SEO for the sites.Try to make your write-ups interesting yet concise.
  2. Setup posting IDs on Cappers Forums and Posting Weekly Summaries: Create an ID matching the identity of the sites you are posting on.   For example if your site name is ATSInsider.biz  then create a username preferably with the url included in the name (e.g. “atsinsider.biz”).  If the forum doesn’t allow you to do this then use something close.  Make sure you setup a signature file that matches the site.   For a list of forums refer to https://blog.ezcapper.com/2010/07/listing-of-cappers-forums/ .Please create and edit the master  spreadsheet of the forums and the identities by clicking here .  Make sure you post consistently on a weekly basis.
  3. Send to existing users and new prospects: Place the summary into the 2nd sheet on the above and I will send them to the existing customer database on a weekly basis as well as to potential customers as promotional materials.

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July 14th, 2010 at 6:39 pm

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