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Managed Sports Fund Investing only for EZCapper clilents

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Due to overwhelming demand for our technical sports trading system (see here for details) we are now offering to select clients the opportunity for us to trade your account using our algorithms for you.  The way it works is this:

  • You bankroll a sportsbook account and provide us with the login access.
  • We trade your accounts actively.
  • At the end of the month we take 25% of all profits generated due to our trading
  • Upon receipt of payment we will trade for the second month.

We are only offering this to select clients that have a minimum bankroll of $10,000.  We guarantee the following:

  • Our per game win amount will be a target of $50, that is 0.5% of your bankroll. 
  • Your account will show little to minimal volatility, you will see increasing and consistent results.

To get involved please contact us at sales@ezcapper.com today.


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April 30th, 2013 at 3:17 pm

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Our Proprietary Picks Algorithm that works now available only to EzCapper Customers

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As you know we’ve been involved in the sports vertical for over 10 years and know everything about the industry that anybody could possibly know.    Our educational backgrounds of engineering combined with our professional careers in executive level management in various sports businesses make us highly qualified to distinguish between what is fluff and what is authentic. As part of our work we have talked to hundreds of sports handicappers and bettors ranging from the system guys, the amateur handicappers and the big boys of betting.  As part of our work we’ve met them personally and understand their business models thoroughly.  With our backgrounds we understand what is fact and what is fiction behind their picks selection and money management models.  And to be totally truthful, most of them are more marketers and sales people than anything of substance.

Our Testing and Sample Period

During the course of the last 23 months we have been testing an algorithm based trading model with our own proprietary money management system and have generated astounding success.   We have generated average profits of over 10% each and every month and have backtested it for years without any losing months.  Similar to what a hedge fund may use, we backtested and optimized our algorithm to ensure that drawdowns (which are inevitable) are kept to an absolute minimum.  Our largest drawdown has never exceeded 4.7% of our bankroll in any particular day.   The keys to success in our returns are to maintain consistent profits and minimize drawdowns while applying consistent money management principles.  By generating consistent returns each and every week a $10,000 bankroll can compound rapidly in a short period of time.  Below is a chart showing how rapidly a $10,000 bankroll can be increased with the magic of compounding returns that we’ve mentioned above.  Our goal is to show you and those of your customers how fast your bankroll can increase using our proprietary methods.

Different ROI and Periods

Gist of our Algorithmic Trading Models

Without revealing the intellectual property behind our  proprietary algorithm, the core behind our algorithm success is to bet only on leagues with a high degree of parity which means that the NFL and the NBA are excluded.  In the NFL there is simply too few games for the algorithm to be effective and in the NBA the disparity between good and bad teams is too great.  We focus on MLB and NHL as our rigorous backtesting has told us these leagues meet our criteria for the algorithm to work.  Besides that, those 2 sports allow us to generate profits

all year since they complement each other perfectly timewise.

In general our algorithm involves the analysis of data, matchups, correlated trends and other advanced analytics to generate the predictions.

Money Management and MPT Theory

On top of the picks algorithm we also extensively apply our money management algorithm that manages potential drawdowns that are inevitable when teams go on a losing streak.  Our foundation is that our base wager amount is less than 1% of our bankroll.  Our returns are generated by risking only a small fraction of our bankroll.  How we are unique is that we apply modern financial portfolio management techniques to sports investing.  This theory called MPT (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_portfolio_theory) essentially ensures that our bankroll does not fluctuate wildly.

NHL Results 2012-2013

For the current NHL system over 87 days our ROI is 117% (1.34% per day).  Compare this with returns that a bank pays for deposits and you’ll see what I mean.  Our $10,000 bankroll has yielded $11, 689 in profit.  This is equivalent in the 87 day period to a 10% increase in our bankroll every 11 days. Below is a summary of our results for the current NHL season:

2013 NHL Season Chart

Our service unlike other systems is not based on a gut-feeling, coin flips or other emotional factors that all sports handicappers sell.  Our black box generates the best picks without emotional attachment or inherent human biases.  Our money management principles are based on proven financial betting models.

What are we offering to only our EZCapper clients.

As an EZCapper customer you are already in the sports business so you probably already know that most systems and picks absolutely do not work.  We are offering for only 10 select customers and only to EZCapper customers a one-time only offer to learn how we recreate these amazing results:

  1. We will provide you with an e-book of our algorithm and how it was developed along with training by video and our head trader.  Of course understanding this will require a background in mathematics however if you feel up to this we can literally change the way you view sports betting.  The cost of this course is $15,000 that must be paid up front.
  2. We are offering a simplified  course to the above that will show you how to apply the money management system to our daily picks.  Access to our picks are provided via a password protected website.  We will provide unlimited email support to you.  The cost of this is $6000 yearly.  You can then recoup your investment by reselling the picks we provide you to your customers.

 Our Results

We’ve creates some visual representations of the returns we’ve achieved in 2010 – 2012 for MLB through the usage of our algorithm.

MLB 2010 Monthly ROI Cummulative Profits 

MLB 2010 Monthly ROI Initial Bankroll

 MLB 2010 Monthly Win Amounts

 MLB 2010 Monthly Win-Costs-Profit MLB 2010 Monthly Wins MLB 2011 Monthly ROI Cummulative Profits MLB 2011 Monthly ROI Initial Bankroll

 MLB 2011 Monthly Win Amounts

 MLB 2011 Monthly Win-Costs-Profit

 MLB 2011 Monthly Wins MLB 2012 Monthly ROI Cummulative Profits

 MLB 2012 Monthly ROI Initial Bankroll MLB 2012 Monthly Win Amounts


MLB 2012 Monthly Win-Costs-Profit

 MLB 2012 Monthly Wins

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April 18th, 2013 at 3:52 pm

What type of Support do we Provide

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Ezcapper is a business that has been operated as a side-gig for over 10 years. We are not a dedicated sports handicapping software company fighting for every customer in the market. Most of our team are freelancers and have day-jobs. Therefore our customers must fully understand the following prior to engaging with us:

  • We do not provide Phone Voice Support under any circumstances – There is no client or business large enough for us to engage in providing phone support. Most phone dialogs are non productive, repetitive and without purpose. If you require detailed explanations, have difficulty in writing or are not comfortable with communicating using modern communication tools then please try another company. We understand some clients are “old-school” (i.e. elderly) and many handicappers are telemarketing types and thus love to talk. Unfortunately we are also not sales guys and are don’t have the patience to engage on this.
  • Support is via Email – We will respond to most emails within 24 hours. Our emails are concise, detailed with screenshots and precise instructions. We are developers and are used to working 100% virtually. If you can’t handle this, we are not the right firm for you. We shoot for a one day turn around time but on holidays we may be away and not respond. On average our customers (after their site has been setup) contact us no more than once per month (90% of our customers contact us only perhaps 2x per year). If you feel that you are going to need to communicate with us daily, then we are not the right
  • Text support only for emergencies – In the case of emergencies such as the server being down then please contact us by text. Otherwise we will not respond to non-emergency text messages sent to us and will block you if it is repeated.
  • No provide computer support or education – We often get customers who know nothing about computers and have problems setting up their computer. Note that we don’t support your computers or provide any education whatsoever. As a business policy we prefer to deal with tech savvy low maintenance customers. If you are not at least technically proficient, then we are not the company to work with.
  • We are not Amazon or Walmart – We do not provide real-time support and certainly are not a consumer-facing business. Therefore don’t expect that level of service from us.
  • Notify us on Updates – Often teams will change names especially in college sports. If you notice something that has changed, let us know and we’ll update it. Note that changes will be done as soon as we are available but some changes require
  • Software Customizations – Some customizations are easy to perform. These include labels and image modifications. Functionality changes are difficult and we do not provide functionality customization.

Note that we reserve the right at anytime to terminate any customer engagement without notice. All fees owing will be refunded within 24 hours of termination.

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February 25th, 2013 at 5:59 pm