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Ezcapper is a business that has been operated as a side-gig for over 10 years. We are not a dedicated sports handicapping software company fighting for every customer in the market. Most of our team are freelancers and have day-jobs. Therefore our customers must fully understand the following prior to engaging with us:

  • We do not provide Phone Voice Support under any circumstances – There is no client or business large enough for us to engage in providing phone support. Most phone dialogs are non productive, repetitive and without purpose. If you require detailed explanations, have difficulty in writing or are not comfortable with communicating using modern communication tools then please try another company. We understand some clients are “old-school” (i.e. elderly) and many handicappers are telemarketing types and thus love to talk. Unfortunately we are also not sales guys and are don’t have the patience to engage on this.
  • Support is via Email – We will respond to most emails within 24 hours. Our emails are concise, detailed with screenshots and precise instructions. We are developers and are used to working 100% virtually. If you can’t handle this, we are not the right firm for you. We shoot for a one day turn around time but on holidays we may be away and not respond. On average our customers (after their site has been setup) contact us no more than once per month (90% of our customers contact us only perhaps 2x per year). If you feel that you are going to need to communicate with us daily, then we are not the right
  • Text support only for emergencies – In the case of emergencies such as the server being down then please contact us by text. Otherwise we will not respond to non-emergency text messages sent to us and will block you if it is repeated.
  • No provide computer support or education – We often get customers who know nothing about computers and have problems setting up their computer. Note that we don’t support your computers or provide any education whatsoever. As a business policy we prefer to deal with tech savvy low maintenance customers. If you are not at least technically proficient, then we are not the company to work with.
  • We are not Amazon or Walmart – We do not provide real-time support and certainly are not a consumer-facing business. Therefore don’t expect that level of service from us.
  • Notify us on Updates – Often teams will change names especially in college sports. If you notice something that has changed, let us know and we’ll update it. Note that changes will be done as soon as we are available but some changes require
  • Software Customizations – Some customizations are easy to perform. These include labels and image modifications. Functionality changes are difficult and we do not provide functionality customization.

Note that we reserve the right at anytime to terminate any customer engagement without notice. All fees owing will be refunded within 24 hours of termination.

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February 25th, 2013 at 5:59 pm

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