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SMS/Text Messaging / Voice Broadcast Service – Telemarketing / Predictive Dialer Launch

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We are launching 3 new services:

  1. Telemarketing / Predictive Dialer –  This service allows you to talk to prospects all day long.  We load a list of telephone numbers into the software and if there is a voice mail, a pre-recorded message will be left on the machine.  If a person picks up the call, it can either be transferred to you instantaneously for conversion OR a pre-recorded message can be played to that person.   This is called a predictive dialer and it is the technology used by all the telemarketing call centers to increase call connect efficiencies.
  2. Text Message / SMS Broadcast –  We can take your lists or input our lists (higher cost) and send out bulk text messages.  Each connect will cost 7.5 cents if you give us your numbers and 15 cents if you want to use our leads.  This pricing is in effect for EZCapper customers only, for non-EZCapper customers the price is 25% higher which will be 9.4 cents per message and 18.75 cents per message.  Minimum order quantity is 500.  Orders that are less than $100 are subject to a $50 campaign setup cost.
  3. Voice Broadcast –  We can broadcast your pre-recorded messages to phone numbers that you provide us or that we rent to you.  .  Prices range from 5c per minute.

Detailed reports are provided to you to verify the results.   This way you get what you pay for.

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April 28th, 2011 at 5:27 pm

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