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Our VIP email newsletter service is an invitation-only service that can generate plenty of new registered users for your service.  Conversion of those customers, of course, is dependent upon your picks results and your pricing.  Our responsibility is to generate new registrants for your service.  Our VIP plan provides HUGE discounts over our retail prices for customers that are willing to commit to a regular schedule of emails on a monthly subscription basis.  For EZCapper customers (that host their website with us) the cost is $499 per month and for non-customers it is $699 per month and payment is setup by Paypal Subscription.   This pricing is at least 75% discounted from our regular prices if you were to use our coop email service at retail prices and on-demand, click here to see our regular prices.

Our leads come from our leads business.  Our leads come from our own network of free tips sites that act as lead generation sites and our leads business that are graded according to grades A,B and C

Please read the details of our regular coop newsletter as a reference:


Here are the particulars of the program:

  • Each Coop newsletter will contain a maximum of 4 cappers, usually less.
  • Positions within the newsletter are rotated in each delivery.  You cannot request for a particular position placement within the newsletter.
  • Coop Email newsletters sent every Tuesday and Friday (midnite-1 am) to no less than 15,000 Grade A leads.
  • Once every 2 weeks a coop email newsletter sent to no less than 40,000 Grade B/C leads.
  • Exclusive Single Capper newsletter sent to GRADE A list depending upon end of month available email capacity (we purchase email capacity in advance that may go unused close to the end of period)
  • $499 per month for EZCapper customers that have a website with us and $699 for non-customers via a monthly Paypal subscription.
  • May be canceled anytime.


Click on the links below to get


Joining the program entitles you to receive our lesson plan that shows you how to make money from this business.  We walk you through the entire process from drafting the email, setting the promotions to how to convert leads into paying customers.  We use desktop sharing and voice to ensure you understand the conversion process so you can make a lot of money.

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December 11th, 2010 at 7:44 pm

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