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New VIP Telemarketing Services – BETA SERVICE

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We are undergoing a beta test of a new service for our VIP clients that have successful pick records.  This program is by INVITATION only so please don’t contact us about marketing for your site unless you have been a valued customer of ours for over 6 months.

This telemarketing service is a pay for performance service where we take all the risks. We will have a caller that will sell your site(s) services and they will act as your sales agent.  Our telemarketing agent is highly experienced in the lingo of handicapping and will exclusively manage the accounts side of this customer.  You make money by selling to us access to your site at a discounted price and we will mark the price up to make our profit.  The key is that the price must be discounted enough so that even after we mark it up it is still lower than your retail advertised price.   Otherwise nobody will buy from us and we wouldn’t pursue it.

We obtain customer leads from the numerous lead generations sites we run (https://blog.ezcapper.com/2010/06/advertising-opportunities-on-our-tips-sites/) and the cost of this operation is quite high which includes sales people, telecommunication costs and administration.  We also generate leads daily from our free sites such as Wagersim.com.

You need to provide basic information to us about your site’s history, the results (historical and recent) and retail costs.  Most importantly we will need to know the cost you will offer us on a daily, weekly, monthly, 3 month, 6month, 12 month period.  Please note that as this is a pay-for-performance service, where we are taking all the risks, we do not accept all clients that inquire.  We will only work with those sites that we can make money on and this will depend upon their results and pricing plus their history with us.  We reserve the right to discontinue marketing your service at any time and we have no obligation whatsoever to continue market your service should we not be making money.

We will tele-market our prospects based on the information you give us.   The customer we sell is to be exclusively under our account management.   The customer will pay us directly and all payments going forward for that customer will be handled by us.  Any customer issues regarding payment MUST be forwarded to us directly.  If you attempt to charge this customer or cross sell this customer on other sites or services, we will stop working with you immediately.  This is to prevent any conflict of interest.

Once the customer agrees to use your service, we need your permission to go into your backend and enable his access plan.  We will take care of everything for you including getting the customer to register to your site and enabling his access plan once payment is received.  All you do is receive the money.

As for your payment, once we agree to a price you will be paid out once per month (billing periods are based on a calendar month) according to what we agreed upon with a 10% rolling reserve to cover possible chargebacks.

Please note that this service is for VIPs only with a proven winning track record that have been a client with us for a minimum of 6 months.  Please note that we have a limit on the number of clients we can handle at any one time.

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December 8th, 2010 at 7:24 pm

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