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Where do confirmation emails from new customers go and how do I forward these confirmation messages?

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Every time a user signs up on your site a confirmation message should be sent to your system admin email address.   This system admin email address was provided to you in the confirmation email sent when your site was delivered to you.  Most of the sites were setup with the email admin@website.com or info@website.com.  You should receive confirmations in this email.  Instructions to access this email are provided in the same confirmation message.  Our domain registrar and email service provider of choice is Godaddy.

  1. Some of our customers use a free email such as gmail to manage their emails.  If you wish to have Gmail retrieve your messages from Godaddy then see this great article:

  2. If you don’t use Gmail but use a regular email client then see this valuable article:
  3. If you wish to have your email forwarded to another account then read this article:



Here’s what the confirmation email looks like that you should receive.

From : [Website name as set in Site Settings] [system admin email]
Subject : Hello stonkse, welcome to [Website name as set in Site Settings]!

Hello [first name],

This email serves to inform you that your [Website name as set in Site Settings] account has been created successfully. Please log into your account using the email address and password you have provided to start getting winning picks today!

Thank you for registering,

[Website name as set in Site Settings] Customer Service Staff

For comments, questions, or suggestions you can email us at:
[system admin email]

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