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Confused about Units – How to calculate including examples

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I get a lot of customers who ask about the unit system.  I’ve included screenshots so please click multiple times on the images below and you will see a full screenshot.

  1. Example 1.  Moneyline bet Twins vs Royals. The Capper picked the home team, Royals, at -113.  The pick was wrong so the units would be set at a loss of 113 or Down 113.  This means that based on a standard bet of $113 to win $100 (@ -113), as he picked the favorite he lost $113.
  2. Example 2.  Moneylinie bet Yankees vs Angels on 6/4/2011. The away team (Yankees) were the favorite (-140).  This means that for every $140 you bet on the Yankees you would win $100.  As the Yankees won the game the unit result is +100 or UP 100.
  3. Example 3:  Runline situation on 5/13/2011, Pirates vs the Brewers. The capper picked the runline (-1.5, +135) on the home team.  This means (in baseball, hockey runline is always +/- 1.5),   This means that the home team must win by 2 runs or more and the payout would be $135 for every $100 risked (or wagered). As Milwaukee won 5-2 , then beat the Pirates by 3 which exceeds the (-1.5) runline.  Therefore as that condition is met, the payout of +135 is in play.  As you can see on the grading form , the Unit results is up 135 Units.

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October 14th, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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