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Advertising and getting Ads listed on Google Adwords

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We’ve had some clients that have some issues advertising on Adwords.  In order to get on adwords there are a few basic criteria you must follow:

  • You must disable or remove any ads showing online gambling ads either from your affiliate program or from an ad network that displays gambling ads.  You can remove these from the backend of the EZCapper application.
  • Remove the ads first and then submit your new ad to Google Adwords.
  • If your site has links to online poker sites or other gambling related sites such as sportsbooks, casinos or any form of unregulated gaming your ads will not be accepted.

If you are still having problems contactd us and we will do a work around that will allow your ads to 100% show on Google.  This requires a bit of engineering but it works as some of our clients have happily reported.

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June 8th, 2010 at 10:46 pm

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