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How to get Banners, Headers and Video Designed Professionally

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I get a lot of requests from customers asking us to make them a banner, video or even creating a very sophisticated header with moving images.  One thing that we don’t do is to claim that we are good at something we are not.  Our company is not a professional design company, we are a professional marketing and software company specializing in sports handicapping and online gaming.   We do designs for our clients when they setup new website.  Typically the designs that we do are basic and functional (always static) but they incorporate no moving elements (animated elements) using technologies such as Flash.  The reason?  We simply are not the best choice.

Our responsibility is to provide our customers with the best advice.  The best advice we can give them when getting a design made is to outsource it to a professional. Here are a two places where you can get designs done:

1.  Fiverr – This is a the low-end and the quality can vary but for $5 it’s worth a try.  Don’t expect great work but you may get lucky.

2.  99Designs –  Wildly popular service that matches you up with professional designers and puts your project in front of them in a contest-style environment where you get to choose the best design.  Most designers on here are experienced professionals.

Although we can do designs for clients, it will cost far more since it takes us far longer to do the same thing as the professional designers on these sites.

Banner Specifications

When you get a design made you’ll need to provide to them the size specifications.  Here they are.

Banners Images:

  • The horizontal banners on all of our sites are 728×90 pixels
  • The vertical banners on our site are either 120×240 (eg. Register Page) and 120×600 pixels (other pages)

Inserting the banners require you to host the banners yourself similar to hosting images.  See https://blog.ezcapper.com/2010/07/hosting-your-own-images-and-using-the-html-editor/

Inserting the banners require you to host the banners similar to hosting images.  See https://blog.ezcapper.com/2010/07/hosting-your-own-images-and-using-the-html-editor/

If you want us to set this up for you it will cost $25.

If you want to make a banner ad for advertising on another network find out what sizes they take.  The standard ad sizes can be found here.

Website Images

See this post if you want to change your header or any part of your site:


This will tell you the size of each required image.

We charge only $25 for incorporating the finished designs into the code for the website.

Source Image

If the designer requires the original fonts or the original source files of your logo we can provide that to them.  Most designers will likely redo this from scratch however.

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