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Free Email Blast Promo from SportsEmailServer.com

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Our partners, www.SportsEmailServer.com, are offering exclusively to current Ezcapper customers a one-time only promotion for first time users to try the service:

A one-time free email blast to 5000 qualified prospects for free.  The regular price is $99 for 5000 users but for EZCapper customers this will be offered for free

This is only for clients that have never used the service before.  The client will need to provide the email in both an  HTML and text format.  This must be professionally laid out as they will not accept copy that is not properly formatted.  If assistance is required, a fee will be charged for converting and designing an email.

Previous clients have generated strong results from the previous email promotions and most customers have come back to either setup their own email servers or continue using their full-service email delivery services.

If you have already used SportsEmailServer previously and want to use it again, all EZCapper customers qualify for a 15% discount on any advertised package on the website.  For details see http://sportsemailserver.com/pricing/



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February 9th, 2014 at 3:47 pm

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