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Free Coop Email Promotion for Qualified EZcapper Customers

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At EZCapper we have a commitment to ensure that our customers are as successful as they can be.  On our blog and regular email newsletters we offer advice on how to best market your businesses.  Our interests are to ensure that our customers are successful and we do this by offering both free and paid services.  We constantly update our clients on opportunities for our valued clients to promote their services. Our email service is among our most popular, though we offer numerous other services including PR Releases, SEO, Banner advertising and much much more.

From time to time we offer access to qualified EZCapper customers access to normally paid services for FREE.

For the next 2 weeks we are offering a special pre-NFL promotion for qualified EZcapper customers in good standing to participate in our Coop Newsletter.  For details visit https://blog.ezcapper.com/2010/06/new-email-service-to-be-launched-save-on-email-delivery/

If you do not already know, EZCapper runs a series of newsletters to potential clients in order to promote our valued clients customers.

Among our newsletters are:

  1. Coop newsletter, currently sending to over 85,000 opt-in readers and growing by each week.
  2. Tips Network newsletter currently sending to over 15,000 each Friday and twice per week during August and September.  EZCapper runs a free tips site network that acts as an upsell site for our customers.  These sites are highly optimized for SEO and we generate hundreds of extremely high quality new leads per week to which we deliver an email to each week.

Our email delivery system work this way:   We pre-pay for a fixed amount of bandwidth on a number of 3rd party email service providers. Each month we prioritize this bandwidth to deliver emails to advertisers and paying customers.  However in the month of August we purchased excessive bandwidth and we are now offering access to this inventory (a.k.a. ‘remnant ad inventory’) until the end of this month.

This means that we will create a text ad for you and include it in our newsletter.  The template is located at http://topsportstips.com/newsletter/sports/handicapper_referral.htm Please note that you will not be able to choose the exact position on the newsletter as that is something we will decide according to the length of time the customer has been with us.  As this is a no-charge promotion for loyal EZCapper customers we cannot accommodate all requests.

To qualify for this promotion EZCapper customers in this order:

  1. Must be on either a monthly or yearly subscription plan and account must not be in arrears.  This service is NOT available to customers that are still on the legacy (no longer being used) monthly invoicing and billing system. Customers on a subscription payment system save everybody both time and costs and we wish to provide preferential access to these clients.  (If you are not on a subscription plan, please enable it by contacting us and you will qualify for various promotions).
  2. Must be a customer who has an updated web-site.  We don’t want to be promoting a website that is dated and not relevant to the upcoming NFL season.  Credibility and quality of the newsletter is of primary importance.

Please note:

  1. We do not guarantee the results of the mailings.
  2. We do not provide analytic reports for any of the mailings on click thru/open reports as we do with our regular service.
  3. We will notify you when it was delivered and the position it was delivered in.
  4. This offer is good for only one delivery during the current promotion period.
  5. Older customers will be given priority in placement and access than newer customers.  We’ll try to accommodate all.

Here’s how to be included in this special promotion:

Send me an email notifying us of:

  1. Your desire to be included and a telephone number you can be contacted at.   We will reply to you informing if you qualify by email or telephone.
  2. You preferred location(s) of your text ad referencing the newsletter template (http://topsportstips.com/newsletter/sports/handicapper_referral.htm).  Please say Main Sponsor” or whatever position you desire. Although we cannot guarantee placement, we will do our best to accommodate . For example , you may request a Main Sponsor Ad but we may not be able to place you on there if it has already been bought or attributed to another client. This position will almost always be filled so we suggest requesting another space(s).
  3. You will need to provide us with some text, preferably a promotion to advertise on the newsletter.  We will at our discretion make any necessary edits to modify the text to fit the available space.

Take advantage of this today if you qualify.  We wish you the best.

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August 15th, 2010 at 12:43 am

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