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EZCapper X-Pro Version 5.0 Officially Launched

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We are nearly complete our new version of our software.  Right now we invite customer feedback on our Beta version which includes the following features:

Here are the new features:

  1. Bonus Code System – This is extremely handy for marketing and it allows our customers to create promotions with bonus codes (e.g. “NFL 3”) which will allow for free access for a certain number of days (set by you) only upon the entry of the promo code by the customer either on signup or after they login if they are a previous customer.
  2. Emailing of Your Picks to Customers directly –  This is going to be huge.  Basically customers can send to their customers immediately their picks directly to their customer base right from the backend.  You can choose whether to send or not.  This will save you a ton of time from having to export emails and sending them manually.  You can format the email directly in the html editor. (See Add New Pick)
  3. Customization of the confirmation email – When new customers register for the first time they currently receive a  standard confirmation.  This confirmation email is a terrific form of marketing and you can customize it to include messages to check out a promotion, signup for an affiliate program or whatever you desire.
  4. Option to directly accept credit cards –  Tired of using Paypal (we are sick of them too), then

The new version will be officially launched sometime in October after all the bugs are checked out!  Please test our beta version for feedback and let us know what you would like to see in future versions.

Some future developments we have planned:

  1. Mobile Integration
  2. Integration with CRM, Predictive Dialer.
  3. Integration with Google Analytics.

We will announce pricing on our new version shortly and will provide discounts to existing customers looking to upgrade.  Please leave feedback directly to this blog posting if possible.



use : admin / admin123 to login.

***** update Oct 4th, 2010 *****

Software has been tested and officially launched.

Note the following:

  • Due to possible spam issues with the free picks automailer, the existing plan is limited to a maximum of a total of 250 emails per day.  Please note that this is a policy set by our ISP and not by us to prevent possible spam abuse.  Any emails beyond 250 per day will require the additional purchase of mail relays.  Each 250 above that will incur an additional monthly cost of $25 per month.  Each increase on the daily limit in increments of 250 will incur an additional monthly cost of $25 per month.
  • That is if you have 250 clients and you send one free pick,  your allowance will be hit for the day.  If you have 50 clients you can send up to 5 emails.  To increase this limit to the next level (each level allows an increase of 250 emails per day) will require an additional payment of  $25 per month.
  • For existing clients, if you wish to upgrade to the new version and do not require us to transfer the existing data from their existing sites to the new sites the cost will be $129.99 per month (if the upgrade orders is made prior to November 15th, 2010) and no setup or transfer fees would apply. We will help with the transfer of the image files but you will be responsible for the content files.  Beyond November 15th the regular price of $139.99 and a $50 setup fee would be required.
  • For existing clients who wish to transfer their existing data to the new system, this will incur a setup fee of $100.  Make the order prior to November 15th and the monthly price will be discounted to $129.99.  Unfortunately the setup fee cannot be waived since it may take 3 days of work to transfer all the files over and to reconfigure the site.

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