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What is considered billable service work?

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What is considered billable service work?

We often get customers that are confused between what is a billable charge and what isn’t.  As an ASP (application service provider) we provide all support including server hosting and application support.  There are huge advantages between a hosted service (one famous example is Google Apps and in particular Gmail) which we are providing and doing it yourself (eg. running Microsoft Exchange which is the same as operating your own email servers) which can consume all your time.  Our standard  system is a template system where all settings are pre-configured.  Anything beyond our standard configuration is considered a custom site which is billed at a different rate.  Our standard system is defined by those links to the two demo systems from our website.

Here’s what is included and is covered by your monthly fees:

  1. Any server related issue, we are responsible for.
  2. Any minor modifications (eg. changing the email address notifications, updating any software settings not accessible from the administrator control panel).

Here’s what is included in your one-time setup fees ($50):

  1. We cover a basic non-elaborate header design (see our demo) as part of the initial setup fee.  Any designs that are more elaborate than that indicated in the demo can be done by a 3rd party designer which we outsource to at $25 per hour.  Clients also have the option to provide their own designs if they choose to do so.
  2. Configuration of the website system and testing.

What we charge for (one-time fee):

  1. Transfer of content from an existing website to a new EZCapper website.
  2. Adding new pages to the website beyond the template pages ($20/page or $25 per hour whichever is greater).
  3. Changing the header designs (based on designer’s cost of $25 per hour).
  4. Modifying any colors adjustments that the user can do themselves in the backend.
  5. Writing and formatting content that the user can do on their own.
  6. Modifying metatags for SEO purposes.

What we do NOT support

  1. Content that you input on your backend administration including formatting.
  2. Payment integration on behalf of the client (this can be easily done by the client, click here for details)
  3. Custom access to any folder. As we are a template based system we do not provide access to our source code for security reasons.
  4. FTP Access to any website.
  5. Hosting of banner ads or images.  This can be done by the client, click here for details.

Questions? Please comment on the blog.

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June 17th, 2010 at 10:55 pm

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