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Great Deals on Expired Sites Available!

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For savvy marketers, they should take advantage of our offer on expired sites.  What exactly is an expired site?  These are sites that clients have not renewed for the following reasons.

  1. Decided to not continue in the business or lost interest.
  2. Have not paid their bills and have had their sites claimed by us according to our stated payment policies

  3. Have terminated either a sent invoice or a subscription indicating they are not continuing with the site.

These sites are valuable in the following ways:

  1. Most have existing customers registrations and some have paying customers.  The following they have gained is valuable to the new owner.
  2. Have invested money in marketing and promoting the brand of their site.  This may include SEO, registering in directories, monitoring services and creating valuable link exchanges.
  3. Domains have a history which is very valuable for SEO.
  4. Have unique content which is also valuable for SEO.

I often get asked if it is easy to take over another person’s site if they have had a bad capping record.  The answer is yes.  Most of the time the key thing to put on the site is that it is “under new management”.  Most customers will give the new owner a second chance to prove themselves.

I also get asked what happens if the guy who gave it up owns the domain.  What we typically advise is to register a domain with the same name but a different suffix.  So if the old owner registered ABC.com we’ll register ABC.info or another suffix.  This is the best way to work around the issue.

How much do we charge for Expired Sites?

The new owner would take over the site on the existing plan that the site was on.  So if were a Pro Plan then the monthly fee would be $99.99.  For our current prices refer to http://www.ezcapper.com/purchase.asp

The default setup fee is $50 for a transfer which covers administration and configuration charges. For sites with more than 20 registered users we charge $5 per registered user.  So if the site has 50 users then it would cost $250 as the setup fee.

Interested or have more questions?  Contact us.

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June 19th, 2010 at 7:59 pm

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