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Case Study Success: Day 1 Results of Telemarketing Upsell Program

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To demonstrate the initial success of our program:   http://blog.ezcapper.com/telemarketing-upsell-program/  we are outlining a successful case study.  Below are screenshots from day 1 where we sold 3 packages of $499.  After Clickbank fees and the revenue share the partner was able to generate revenue from the client that the operator would have never have incurred on his own.  The partner typically sells tips packages at less than 1/10 the cost that we were able to sell them at.  A win-win for all parties involved!

There are several reasons why we are successful:

  1. Experience in telemarketing sales.  Without the experience and background, selling by emails will only generate a limited amount of revenue.  Also without the ability to close the sale the lead remains unmonetized.
  2. Immediate Payments! We pay our partners exactly at the point of sales so there is no collection and time wasting involved.  By using Clickbank payments are distributed immediately to the partner so there is no “You owe me this and that!”.  Future sales to the client are always transacted through our Partners premium pricing page.
  3. Full outsourcing – Once the partner provides us with the lead he can track the sale and also not be worried about supplying picks.   Any future sales that are made with the customer will always occur through the payment page on the partners site.  We always represent our partners best interests as it is important to generate results for all parties. If there is any question at all, the partner can call up the customer lead he provided to verify the sale.
We have had several potential partners express apprehensions about payment, distrust etc.  I guess that’s part of this industry but remember at EZCapper our goal is to help your business grow.  All we can answer to this is that you won’t know until you try and you are not obligated to use us.  You provide only the leads you want.  Our case study on day 1 has shown that this program works, the partner has been paid and he is going to continue to work with us.  Proof and sales is what counts in this business!


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November 30th, 2012 at 7:55 pm

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